December 10, 2019

Greetings Digital Travelers,
You've found us, Zimbu Creations! 

We Have Eco-logical Solutions For You!

Societal tools for the modern day bohemian, or your regular down to earth mindful human.

Our goal with Zimbu is to provide an accessible easy transition for larger vendors; department stores and food chains, this is so when they decide to make the green switch in their particular service industry... the change is smooth, the solutions are diverse and already available. 

From naturally regenerative, biodegradable materials!

Our team has gathered a collection of alternative products:

Utensils, cups, bowls, serving containers, straws & chopsticks..
All beautifully handcrafted. Professional, with international health standards.
By a lovely local community of a few small villages in North East, Thailand. 

As we shift gears globally, towards sustainable solutions for our major problems,
like the temporary / single use items, that have flooded our major industries, Oceans and stomachs for the last few decades.

Kudos to you, for even considering making the step and investigating these options.

Full steam! Forward thinking ahead!

Perhaps you'll decide to stash a container in your car for those random take-away moments that you always forget to plan for. Maybe you'll even have cutlery, for eating on the go without accumulating more discard-able trash on your passenger seat floor.

It's always a great idea to have a little kit with you for these times so that the choice is up to you.

It can be hard to remember to add these little clauses when ordering food or paying or asking for a doggy bag. You could say, 'no plastic bag for me thanks, or I'm ok with out the cutlery, I've brought my own ^~^

On an individual level, we have been making waves, and changing the direction of our major industries through ecological trends and environmental awareness.

We are deeply grateful for the beautiful support and love of the people around us.
People who have believe in what we are doing.
Big Thanks go out to all of the people who helped get this page launched and have brought their input to the table, on how we can positively affect the global family and the alleviate and reverse some of the major issues concerning the world today.


Zimbu Loves You!!! <3

Zimbu hope to help your business make the clean green switch in the future.

Please share our page, like, subscribe and put us intouch with any purchasing agents or business that could make a few changes to their stock orders, for the greater good of us all.

Contact us for a quote: > <

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