we love thai bamboo

Thai Bamboo is grown, collected and prepared traditionally
by hand, without the use of chemicals or machinery. 

ZIMBÜ Supports the native crafts of Thailand

Our mission is to provide sustainable solutions. Renewable alternatives for plastic, steel or paper, drinking straws, cutlery and home wares.

In developing Zimbu, we have opened a meaningful worthwhile co-operative that provides opportunities and benefits for a small north eastern Thai village and the surrounding communities.

Offering well paid purpose filled work in a safe and healthy workplace with growing assistance to community projects that support the villagers day to day.

We have structured our company to grow as fast as a shoot of bamboo, so that we can facilitate the many wonderful applications of this multi-faceted natural product.
Creating and ensuring long term work environments for the villagers, and providing an internationally positive impact.

"A Bamboo forest is an important forest type in subtropical and tropical areas. Due to its biological characteristic and growth habits, bamboo is not only an ideal economic investment that can be utilised in many different manners but also has enormous potential for alleviating many environmental problems facing the world today."

- Journal of Forestry Research (2005)

Are we thinking Eco-Logically?

What's the Big Idea Motivating all of this?

Standard industry scale processing facilities create most, if not all of our household items... 

The effect this super massive boom in plastic products is having, has led us down a path of creating one major global environmental and biological catastrophe.

single use waste, is the best place for us to draw the line.

Bamboo holds a specific neiche and an important puzzle piece. Bamboo alleviates damage to environments by filtering air borne toxins and preventing soil erosion in otherwise depleted and structureless landslide prone zones. Providing dense habitat for the native tropical forest inhabitants, cools the environment and supports trillions of organisms.

Honour your Self and the world around you

Little by little, day by day, 
changes grow within you seeding your new way.

We have the power,

Lets change our world for the better.